Miradouro Residences


2018 - 2023


Portugal, Porto




The site commands an expansive view over the valley of the river Douro as it curves through Freixo.

It is literally, a scenic vantage point.

The views extend far beyond the astonishing, immediate, and captivating landscape of the river and the villages.

They reach beyond, to the hills and the mountain ranges.

Above a gently sloping platform two buildings appear.

On the South-side, and facing the river Douro, is the four-storey building which accommodates the larger apartments.

On the North-side, at a higher level, is the seven-storey building, accommodating a variety of apartment types.

The aim of the outline design was to ensure that every dwelling would have a view of the landscape, and, an equally privileged sunny aspect.

The common spaces shared by the apartments are south facing and, enjoying large verandas and in some cases ample terraces, they encourage outdoor living.

The interior and the exterior meet at glazed facades, but have a controllable shading system to guarantee comfort and low energy consumption in the air-conditioning of the indoor environment.

The entrances into the two buildings, and their four separate vertical access points, are from the external platform, which is on two levels relating to the slope of the ground.

This shared and landscaped external space, allows for circulation between the buildings, and for use by the residents, being safe for both children and adults, while it also provides access to the other common areas of the Condominium.

Taking advantage of the site’s natural fall in level, and in keeping the strategic siting of the buildings, all the common  rooms are located on the top floor of the tallest building.

This includes the Condominium Room, which is intended for various uses, beyond the standard formal use of management of the Condominium.

Birthdays, little parties and play activities can happen in this space, given the safety that the condominium provides.

A Gym gives the Residents the opportunity for sport and fitness activities, which may also extend outdoors.

The apartment types vary from two to four bedrooms.

Generous Living Rooms, connecting directly with the Kitchen and Laundry contrast with the private areas of Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

A visitors’ W.C. in the Entrance Hall, gives privacy.

The essential car-parking and storage areas for the apartments are located on two basement levels.

Plant rooms and other common areas are also located in the basement.

All the air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, together with environmentally sustainable solar panels for domestic water heating, are located at roof level, and are visually screened from view from the apartments.

The structure is reinforced concrete.

The external wall is render over thermal/acoustic insulation, which in turn is supplemented by internal insulation, which ensures a very high level of insulation and energy performance.

The windows have thermally broken aluminium frames and double glazing with high acoustic and thermal resistance.

The screen walls between verandas and terraces are in concrete, finished with thermal render, and the balustrades are stainless steel, in order to create transparency and to allow the landscape to be enjoyed from inside.

The common spaces, the Entrances, Halls and Stairways,  are clad in stone and timber.

The interiors are characterised by timber flooring throughout, with the exception of the Kitchen, Laundry, and Bathroom areas, where stone is used.

The walls are generally painted, but as with the flooring, in the Kitchen, Laundries, and Bathrooms the wall finish is stone.

The ceilings are painted.

Doors, wardrobes, and internal panelling are in Oak in its natural colour.

Shared outdoor areas have been designed to be safely enjoyed by everyone and also for minimum maintenance, to prevent future problems for the Condominium Management  and the Residents.


Carlos Castanheira


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Carlos Castanheira

Office in Portugal:

CC&CB, Architects, Lda.

Project Architect:

Licensing and Execution:

Gil Lima,

Luís Trigueiros Reis.


Luís Trigueiros Reis.

Project Team:

Fernanda Sá,

Jorge Pinheiro,

Catarina Araújo,

Elisabete Queirós,

Susana Oliveira,

Filipe Mota,

Nuno Carvalho Rodrigues,

Mariana Mendes,

João Figueiredo,

Filipa Guedes,

Sara Cabral,

Joana Rocha,

Diana Velho,

Ricardo Fernandes,

Inês Cabrita,

Gabriela Vieira

3D models and renderings:

LT Studio


CC&CB, Architects, Lda.:

Germano Vieira,

Sara Noronha



Paulo Fidalgo


Construction and

Engineering Projects, Lda.

Mechanical Installations:

Pedro Coelho Lima, Ana Guimarães

Coelho Lima Engineering, Lda.


Fernando Ferreira

Daniel Moreira

Gatengel – Projectos de engenharia, Lda.

Fire Safety:

Pedro Costa

Gatengel – Projectos de engenharia, Lda.


Pedro Nunes – Diâmetro e Cálculo – Engenharia Lda.

Luís Valente – Noraqua

Construction Company:

Ferreira Build Power

Construction area:

12 500 m2


Fernando Guerra

FG+SG I Fotografias de Arquitectura