DAEGU Competition


2020 - not built


South Korea, Daegu




Extreme care must be taken when exhibiting the Precious.

When we exhibit the Precious, it requires attentiveness in the Design, in the Project and in the Drawing of the Project.
We designed the new Kangsong Museum as something precious, which in turn will display the most precious of Korean Art.
We studied routes, established the hierarchy of spaces, volume and materials. We sought out space and light. We designed form and shadow.
Coming up through the beautiful park, we enter the public area, before the visit.
We choose to display the precious on the lower level, below ground but well-lit by a central patio. Secure, but exposed so everyone is aware of and enjoys it.

Above, are the temporary exhibitions spaces. Other. Contemporary. Fluid spaces, lit by generous rooflights. Light from above, controlled and soft.
The archives, kept securely, are in a separate building, only accessible to specialist staff.
the public and educational areas are concentrated around the freely accessible public areas.
A sculptural stair connects and organises levels and functions.
The building’s volume, clad in light naturally cleaved stone, fragments and spreads itself along the hillside of the park.
Open and closed, they announce functions. They connect interior spaces with the outside. They let in light. They let in the landscape.
Function, form, space and light define the precious.
The new Kangsong Museum aims to take care of the Precious, displaying it to the Public, as this is the only way preciousness will be achieved.

The Design of the Project is a desire for Preciousness.

Carlos Castanheira

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Álvaro Siza


Carlos Castanheira


Jun Sung Kim

Offfice in Portugal:

CC&CB – Architects, Lda.

Project Architect:

Pedro Carvalho

Project Team:

Lara Giorla

Nuno Campos

Diana Vasconcelos

Sara Cabral

Filipe Mota

3D models and renderings:

Germano Vieira

Sara Noronha

Office in Seoul:

hANd + Architects

Architect in charge:

Jue Chae

Jisung Kim

Model and respective photos:

Alvaro Negrello