Occupied by two ruinous rural buildings, the plot which the Torres family had purchase to build their weekend home develops over small terraces affixed to the side of the mountain, which lies towards the east.

On the first visit to the site two aspects became evident:
The vegetation upon the Lima River up to the Monte de Santa Luzia which almost obstructs the view of the sea.
The rock formation which dominates the site and invites one to rise it in order to allow a better view.

The solution was immediate, an eagle’s nest, which in spite of being hodden in tge brush, dominates the immense landscape from a terrace.

The rest was an analysis of the program adapting it to the topography.

The existing water mill and oil press, once restored, will become complementary of this resting space.

August of 1995
Carlos Castanheira

Ficha Técnica

Dr. Alberto Torres e Família

Santa Leocádia de Geraz do Lima - Viana do Castelo - Portugal

Project Date:
December 1993 / September1994

June 1995 / June 1998

Architecture Project:
Carlos Castanheira
Carlos Castanheira & Clara Bastai, Arqtos Ldª

Tiago Esquivel Faria
Fernando Fonseca
Patrícia Sousa

Specialities Projects:
Fórum – Paulo Vila Real, Engº Civil

Coelho Construções, Ldª
house in Geráz do Lima
Santa Leocádia de Geraz do Lima - Viana do Castelo - Portugal | 1993 - 1998