The location is one of those places that we imagine no longer exists. Urban pressures, the passage of time and the resulting constraints, that often transform a specific locale from an interesting to a less interesting locale, have not affected this site’s essential existence or character.

We’re sure that the location, the sand dunes, the beach, the port and the sea will now enjoy a new lease of life - a dialogue that will engender a new way of life, new interests, better balance, in a transformation of nature, protecting and promoting it and thereby fostering more balanced use thereof.

This process is what is now called “sustainable” in terms of ecology, urban planning, lifestyles and economic activity. Only by guaranteeing these levels of sustainability will it be possible to sustain that which is already sustainable.

The proposal is drawn up specifically for the location and proposed in function of its unique characteristics. The underlying elements of the idea include the land, its movements, the formation of the sand dunes, that give rise to others and lead us to the beach, the pine trees and other vegetation, the urban relationship and the desired programme.

The intended hotel is a space designed primarily for pleasure, leisure, comfort and the living experience. It will be a place of tranquility, occupied by a few people who live or stay in the differentiated and different spaces, able to meet with another in the various social venues, in light of their facilities and functions.

The main building, which has the largest volume, will house the technical and administrative services, a restaurant, bar and the large terrace.

Taking advantage of the difference in height between the lower elevation of the ground and the higher elevation of the sand dune, a semi-subterranean floor will be created for technical functions. The social and meeting spaces for guests will rest upon the sand dune itself, making it possible to gaze out to sea, enjoy the sunset, and feel the wind.

There will be no hotel rooms as such, something rather different is intended.
Small houses of different sizes, almost identical but only similar, will be assembled - carefully distributed between the pine trees, where there is sufficient space for them to be inserted.

In the centre, further back, but with good sun exposure, there will be a larger volume, integrated within the volumes of the other constructions and the sand dune - that will house a swimming pool and a facility today known as a SPA.

The materials to be used are already found in the locale – i.e. natural materials. Wooden constructions, assembled in the locale, adapted to the lie of the land, existing features, as if pre-planned.

Some glass, enabling the interior to extend into the exterior, and ensuring that the exteriors form an integral part of the interiors, offering comfort and privacy.

The copper-sheet roof coverings guarantee waterproofing and above all will generate a natural colouring, that over time will draw closer to the existing natural colours.

Other key materials are the existing expanses of green, all of which are to be maintained.

This is a unique location which should be preserved as such. The idea aims to be unique, suited to this location, to this specific site.

The idea is in the location, one only has to see it. It only takes desire. It’s necessary to focus on this idea, in order to assemble it in our heads, and create it in our desires.

The project will enable the idea to be transformed into a different hotel in Cabedelo.

It feels like it already exists. It’s always been there, just waiting for the right opportunity.

Ficha Técnica

Hotel in Cabedelo Beach

Cliente: José Manuel Sampaio

Location: Cabedelo Beach
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Year: 2008 - …

Constrution area: 3.000 m2

Project: Carlos Castanheira, Arqtº.
Carlos Castanheira e Clara Bastai, Arqtos Lda.

Collaboration: Orlando Sousa
Luís Reis
Carla Viana
Ricardo Serra
Carlos Barroso (model)
Patrícia Carvalho (model)
João Figueiredo (3D)

Engineering: HDP – Paulo Fidalgo, Engº
CONCILIARIUM – Luís Matos Eng.
Diâmetro e Cálculo – Pedro Nunes Eng
Hotel in Cabedelo Beach _ Preliminary Study
Cabedelo Beach, Viana do Castelo, Portugal | 2008 - ...